Iím new to this forum and also the brand new owner of a 1984 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 2D! Mileage currently sits around 110,000 miles.

I found this forum through google hoping to assess some issues on my own.

I plan to restore her to tip top shape paint and all! The photos I will post are unfortunately not of the exact condition I purchased it in but I will still give the best before and after that I can.

Overall, the vehicle was in exceptional shape when I procured it with nearly no rust whatsoever! The interior was in great shape aside from the headliner and cracks in the uppermost part of the dash. The original owner had the underbody coated with Ziebart diamond gloss early in its life. Last week I had it re coated and touched up.
The windshield was cracked but I have since had it replaced.

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Maybe this following tidbit would be better posted in another part of the forum, but for now Iíll tack it on here:

-The most immediate issue that I face is that of it idling too high. Upon cold start, it will jump into gear and instead slowing down when I let off the brake, it will actually speed up half the time! It really seems to fight me when I try and stop. These issues become much less as I drive it for a longer period of time.

-Iím looking to have it tuned up (plugs, wires, rotor, dist. cap, fuel filter and timing) for the sake of preventative maintenance but I was surprised by how much the shop planned to charge me for labor. If I can get away with it right now, I would like to focus on fixing my idling issue on its own (if not related to tune up) and maybe doing the tune up on my own if I can learn enough from this forum.

I would like to be able to drive it up to see a friend 4 hours away this weekend but if i canít get it in sound condition then it may not be the greatest idea.

Thanks for reading,


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