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Thread: Dash Pad

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    Default Dash Pad

    I couldve sworn it was here where I found the thread where a member got one of those coverlay dash covers and it looked pretty good but I cant find the thread anymore. Does anyone have one? It looked to be pretty decent in the pics.

    Also I bought a new carpet from rock auto and originally got the medium beige color but it was pretty dark so I returned it and am thinking about getting the desert brown color. I have the light beige interior, anyone have any experience with the carpets from rock auto? I believe theyre made by acc.

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    The coverlay I have no experience with, but the carpets i do, they come with straps that hold them to the dash if you want to utilize them, I just simply have mine sitting on the dash with no issues, and the thread: http://www.grandmarq.net/vb/showthre...t-RockAuto-com!
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    Thanks thats the thread I was looking for. It looks like the light brown is what Id go with.

    As far as the carpet I was actually referring to the actual carpet, not a dash carpet but I appreciate the input.

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