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Thread: Retrofitting electronic level control possible?

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    Default Retrofitting electronic level control possible?


    after mounting a tow hitch on my TC I was thinking of installing a pair of high jackers. During my google search I discovered there was a optional level control and I felt instantly in love with the idea to retrofit.
    Does somebody did this before?

    Here is what i got at the moment:

    Wiring plans out of the workshop manual:

    I found some part numbers on eBay but I'm missing the number for the compressor itself and the shock absorbers (maybe use of high jackers possible?)

    :: Air Suspension Control Module E6AC-5K860-AA from TOKICO
    :: Rear Suspension Ride Height Sensor E9VC-5A955-AA TOKICO

    Biggest problem are the wiring harness + tubing.

    Maybe someone has some further Information.

    Greetings from Austria,

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    I'm a big fan of the Gabriel HiJackers (I have 49205 on the rear of The Ice Car) and would love to retrofit the optional system you're talking about. I'm not familiar with it, but from what I gather it's pretty simple.

    If I understand the system correctly, you basically need to power the pump, hook up the sensor, and run the air line(s). Adjust the sensor as needed and that's about it. I wouldn't be surprised if your TC already has all the necessary electrical connections needed.

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    Very easy to do. Best way is to find a donor car. IIRC a friend and I did the removal and swap over in an afternoon.
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    No reason it won't work. You just need the adapters to tie into the shocks. Its not particularly complicated, one control box, one height sensor, a compressor, an air line, and some wiring. In 86 all of that was in the trunk. 87 onward the compressor was up front and the rest was in the trunk. The 1986 compressor is a unique item with goofy mounting, so I'd probably avoid that just because of parts availability. The pump in my 86 was actually built from a couple of used ones using some of the original pieces just to get the physical mounts I need.

    I've had both the Monroe and the Gabriel shocks though, and frankly I think they both suck. The Gabriels blew their guts out after a couple of years and the air bladder was just full of oil. The Monroes made the car feel like a dump truck. At some point I would like to fit air helper springs inside the coils so I can run any shocks I want. Right now the system is just disabled by pulling the relay and I'm running old Motorcraft rear shocks.

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    I run the Monroes, don't feel the thing rides like a dump truck. I imagine if it was heavily loaded with large Americans and their cargo it would.

    I have two spare Motorcraft air compressors, 1987 and up stuff. Don't think I want to ship those to Australia though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerekTheGreat View Post
    Don't think I want to ship those to Australia though.
    You certainly don't, as he is in Austria. Lol.

    FWIW, I've done business with him and all went smooth as can be, and I'd gladly deal with OP again.

    If it comes down to it I can parts-hunt for this project, but it will be some time off in the future.

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    I did that to my 85 wagon... But used the level sensor from a GM Astro van with the rear ride height control. The ride height level sensor has all the controls in it (one unit) so it was very simple wiring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kishy View Post
    You certainly don't, as he is in Austria. Lol...
    I'm becoming dyslexic in my old age.
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    Wouldn't air bags in the coil springs manually controlled from the dash be easier and cheaper?

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    That manual control would cost about as much as harvesting ALL the needed stuff from a salvage yard and buying new air springs or shocks depending on the setup. And I think the point of it all is to have the automatic control.

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