I drove out to Colorado for a dirtbike trip. And on the way back I was hitting junkyards in the major cities while coming back.
I scored a front wagon swaybar, and a civilian rear swaybar.
There was a wagon in the pick n pull in Albuquerque that had a 3.55 posi with tranny and power steering coolers.
And there was a 1981 town coupe with tubular upper control arms in San Antonio. Someone got the glass and door panels off the doors already, but the doors were still there bare.
A junk yard only 2 hours from me in Alabama has a tow package car with a 3.55 posi, 11 inch brakes, and tranny/powerstering cooler also.
I might run over to Alabama Sunday and try to grab that rear end for my next panther that comes my way.
I hope the info can help someone else, I wish I had the time to grab more.