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Thread: 2006 Lincoln Town Car - Signature Limited

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    I'm back in town for a week or so. It seems you've been adding to the stable in the last few years. Congratulations on your progress with the town car restoration. What's the story about the e39 touring? I don't see many above average condition examples of those.

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    Nice looking car and fun project to get into. I cringed when I saw where it came from Michigan and Copart. At least you had it checked out before hand.

    Some dirt bags will buy a vehicle on that site do a couple quick hacks to make the vehicle look like a easy fix then sell it through Copart again at a major profit to unsuspecting people that are not smart enough to have it looked over first before buying.
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    The e39 I purchased a couple of years ago. I've driven it maybe 500 miles? It sits in the garage. The timing chains, guides, and vanos sprocket seals need replacing. Nothing has jumped timing but the M62TU is a ticking time bomb if I don't replace them. Then the front suspension needs a refresh as the struts have leaked out, and 1/2 the rubber crap up front has disintegrated.

    Yea It's a rusty car, but not a rotted junker. That's the reason I got it - has the right colors, easy to learn about body panel/fitment/alignment, and the interior literally smells new. I'm still in awe about that. I'm replacing various parts under the car (just like body panels) with non rusty fasteners or replacement pieces. I've definitely seen a few people pulling a quick flip on Copart. Sad. The $100 I paid the guy to go look at it was worth it.
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