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Thread: How to clean the metal inserts in the dashboard?

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    Default How to clean the metal inserts in the dashboard?

    I have those ribbed silver/metal inserts in the dashbord of my 87 CP. They look rather greyish/black than silver from all the dirt that accumulated over the decades.

    I tried Windex, brake cleaner, metal polish on them and yes, the rag gets dirty and the trim looks slightly better. Slightly this is, hardly noticeable for anybody you doesnīt know the condition before starting to clean. Plus, the finish is not even after cleaning, but clouds of darker grey showing. This could mean I havenīt cleaned enough and this is still dirt. It could also mean I already scrubbed the silver paint off and the material (prob plastic) starts to show.

    How do you shine up those old dirty metal inserts?
    Regards, Alex

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    I cleaned mine with some random glass cleaner, microfiber cloth and a large, stiff paintbrush. Brush was excellent for loosening dirt in the tight corners and inside edges. Light rub with the cloth on the even areas.
    It is by no means bright, but it somewhat resembles a metallic finish.
    Though I have no idea how dirty yours is, mine cleaned up quite easily. Mostly dust that hardened over time.

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