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Thread: Fuel pump relay

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    Default Fuel pump relay

    I'm trying to depressurize the fuel system in my 89 MGM. I disconnected the fuel pump relay so that i can run the car until it dies, but the car won't start at all witj the car relay unplugged. It cranks but won't start. Am I missing something?

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    Put the relay back in and prime the pump a couple times by cycling the key...This is to just make sure you didnt mess anything up and the car still runs...it should.

    Then open the trunk and with a rubber mallet wack the inertia switch mounting bracket near the drivers side trunk hinge while the car is running.

    You can also just depressurize the fuel rail via the schrader valve on the fuel rail on the passengers side of the engine near the distributor while the car is not running.

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    Thank a lot, inertia switch worked. How much fuel can i expect to to still be in the lines/filter

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    maybe about a cup all in I think.

    Mind the line from the tank though as it will work like a siphon and may pull fuel out until you get the new filter on.
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    cup or so sounds about right. Enough that it will make a mess if you don't put a catch pan under it but not so much that you need a large pan. I like to dump the fuel filters into a cup just to see if there was nasty crap in there.

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    Got it done. Thanks guys. The gas from the filter was pretty dirty

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