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Thread: My '69 Mercury Montego Convertible

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    Nice car and pickup. Looks like a pretty big cam and pretty short skirts on those pistons.
    There's a 69 convertible for sale for a while near me, guy leaves it out year-round on Rt1 heading Downeast. side of the road flipper type guy. Car has a new white top, or it was new. body flat black with all the trim off, no interior, said he had all the parts and a good-running 302. was asking 2k, seemed like a decent price, i wanted his 68 firebird, also with bad paint but too much rust and he wanted 10k for the Pontiac...

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    The headlights did SUCK until I found some from a '95. Same housing but HID. They did very well considering.
    Fast.. yes it was. I think they were rated at 280hp new. I gutted the cats and got more air to it with a cold air kit bastardized from a caprice.
    The tranny gave up OD, so trans guy down the street did his magic. I shit you not...full pedal from a stop (gently) and shifting it to 2nd right at 55mph, it'd spin both tires about 5 feet. Got hairy a few times. I toured with a band for a bit and drove it to Florida for spring break in Panama City. Gave me 32 down following the bus, and 29 coming home.
    Rode like a dream. Black guts and really comfortable. I swapped it for Harley parts. I'd love to have another one.
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