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Thread: Motor Mount to Motor Bolts

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    Default Motor Mount to Motor Bolts

    Shame on me for not bagging/tagging the fasteners when disassembling the 89 engine block and the 96 expo engine block.

    I figured out the bolts for the bell housing, but I cannot figure out what the bolt looks like that goes from the motor mount and attaches it to the bosses on the engine block. There's a total of 4 bolts. Does anyone have a picture of the head of the bolt/fastener?
    -Nick M.
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    Short and fat shouldered bolts, iirc. I want to say 15mm heads, but could be wrong.

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    I'll see if I still have mine. I replaced all but one of mine with allen-head bolts; the stud on the rear of the engine mount was reused for the transmission brace.

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    The factory bolts are about 3/4" long with a 5/8 head SAE not metric Iirc they are 7/16 course thread will try to dig one up tomorrow for pic.

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