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Thread: VicCrownVic's 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis LS

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    Looking good!!
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    It's starting to look whole again! Nice job. Although I cast my vote to have it painted with refinish grade paint or take it somewhere to have it painted. The rest of that car is just too nice. My shitty truck will get that very same paint (much like the roof did) when I finally get around to repainting the hood. But while I was satisfied with the color match and appearance of the basecoat, their clearcoat left much to be desired. I even shelled out more to get their premium crap.
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    Getting there!

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    fomoco panthers !
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    Looking much better. By looking at the photos of the hood, I would think that damage could be straightened. Might be an option if you can't find one of the similar color.

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