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Thread: Thoughts on Walker products

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    Default Thoughts on Walker products

    I am looking into MAF sensors and came across Walker products (who make the sensor and the sensor with the housing).

    Before ya'll say it, yes I know you can't beat Motorcraft OEM stuff...I get it...
    Has anyone used Walker products or have any experience with them?
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    Why not get a used sensor for cheap before going with a non oem part? Yes maybe the used part wonít work but you at least wonít be out a lot. I try to buy oem when I can because I know it lasts.

    With that said Iíve used their tail pipes on my 02 mustang and they were ok. The hangers arenít in the right spot and donít fit quite like factory but are useable. If thats how the rest of their parts are I wouldnít recommend them however I have not used their electrical parts.

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    I have an air cleaner assembly from a 2003 Town Car I parted out. MAF sensor has part# 3W7A-12B579-AA on it. Car ran good and passed emissions. LMK if you are interested in it. WagonMan
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    We've got one of their catalytic converters on Ashley's C1500, been about a year and so far so good. One will go on my truck when the time comes.
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    I don't know the quality of their electronic parts.
    I've used their exhaust parts for years as direct replacement, on my own vehicles and for friends and customers.
    "MEH" level fit and finish, usually the mounts and brackets are in the right spots. I've found that vehicles don't always line up with exhaust parts, and it's not always because the parts are what's wrong.

    I wouldn't pick them as a first choice MAF but I'd pick them over the low-end stuff; I'd also go with OEM or used OEM if possible.

    Generally, a mass-air-flow sensor is tuned to an application, but the technology has existed for 40 years and it's not rocket science. A half-decent brand can get the same physical components as a high end one.
    The fine-tuning process (some older MAF sensors can actually be adjusted with a screwdriver and voltmeter; not any Fords that I know of, some of the Japanese stuff) is where the cheapos fall down and go for "close enough".
    Generally, though, if a MAF isn't physically broken or corroded, it may be possible to clean it with a residue-free cleaner like MAF cleaner (brake cleaner can be too harsh; electrical contact cleaners sometimes leave a lubricant film behind to protect the surface; the MAF sensor and heater need to be spotless).
    Modern ECMs can adjust somewhat for a bad MAF tune, but if the car has other minor issues and the cheapo MAF is already barely tuned to the application, it can be a bit too much, and the MAF is easy to blame.

    So my choice is: Clean original; then used OEM (and a cleaning); then new OEM; then good brand aftermarket; then cheap aftermarket if nothing else is available.
    I'd give Walker the benefit of the doubt and slot them in between "good aftermarket" and "cheap aftermarket"; at least until we found out who makes it for them (or if they make it themselves).

    When replacing a MAF, bear in mind that any air leaks between the MAF and the cylinder will cause problems; I've seen a lot of MAFs (and cheap replacements) condemned when the problem was an external air leak at a manifold gasket or fitting, or a cracked hose. The MAF is pretty simple; if it's not dirty, damaged or corroded and there's no problems in the wire harness, it's worth double checking elsewhere before replacing it.

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    never knew they made anything besides exhaust parts. and yeah, "OK" direct fit is about all you can really say.

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