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Thread: Suspension ideas 89 Vic

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    Default Suspension ideas 89 Vic

    Hey mangs. I just wanted some good ideas for suspension upgrades for my 89 crown vic. I know that the police interceptors had a 1" rear sway bar and I used to have that on my Magna years ago. I felt that this was a really good upgrade for the car at the time. So, I'm planning on doing that at some point. What are the things would you guys recommend? Is there a certain type of front and rear Spring that I should go to? My back end is sagging just a little bit so I'm planning to put in new Springs at some point. Are there shocks that would also do well for this car? I realize that it's not going to handle like a sports car or anything like that. I'm just looking to get less body roll out of it and get it to corner better. What would you mang's recommend?

    Thanks for any ideas/input.


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    For shocks, I’d recommend KYB Gas-A-Just police rate ones. I ordered mine for a ‘97 Crown Victoria because it didn’t list them for ‘87.

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    In addition to the KYB shocks, I would recommend the Bilstein also. Expensive, but probably the best ones. I think the part number is 24-014960. I have those in my 2002 and they are awsome.

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    This was when I rebuilt the front and rear suspension several years ago. All of what I did is based off of the stickied thread in the Suspension forum. Currently working on getting parts for the Bigger-Big Brake Swap (also stickied) for the CV. Last time that car was running; the brakes were not all that great. Since the disassembly, I have replaced everything in the braking system except the rear brake line and calipers. Hope this helps.

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    PI sway bars might be hard to come by these days but Addco lists some sway bars:
    Front: 1.25 Dia K1-509-OU-378
    Rear: 1.125 Dia K1-650-OU-379

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    Depending on budget. But what I recommend is big brake swap with energy suspension bushing and hd front and rear spring with kyb shocks. Is what I have in mine and I also recommend getting the Adtr rear control arm really stiffen the ride up nicely. But a bit pricey

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    I'm never going to advise not upgrading the brakes.

    If you're after something a bit different, see if you can get someone to fabricate you a Panhard rod for the rear axle to keep it located under the car. Its something I've wanted to have done for a while, but I'm fairly shit at fabrication.

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    Not sure how well it would work with a vic, but on my first towncar, i had stock springs up front, gabriele police shocks also front, energy suspension swaybar end links, for the rear limo shocks and kyb police valeving shocks in the rear. It was the best setup ive ever rode in, unfortunatlly my dumb ass thiaght a motor swap would be a good idea... should have just changed the oil pan seal and called it a day lol.
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