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Thread: My 87 TC stereo/ Anyone add a powered subwoofer to Premium Sound?

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    Made up my mind last night. She'll get a new head unit. I'll keep this original one properly stored for the next owner if there ever is one.
    Still undecided on speakers but it definitely WILL get them.
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    I am running a JL audio 5 channel amp and a single 12" JL sub paired with a factory Lincoln (Ford JBL) Tape deck unit. Utilizing the coaxial cable from an 89+ premium sound car, and an adapter from scosche, I was able to turn the radio out to RCA and plug directly into the aftermarket amp. Output utilized the stock wiring of the car (cut the old premium sound football amp harness out) directly to the amplifier, and running new wiring to the rear speakers. So the only wires that were ran through the car was the coaxial cable for radio out (eventually RCAs), the power wire for the new amp (I used 4 gauge wire), and the bass gain knob for the sub channel, so I can control total bass output of the sub channel at anytime. Main bass signal is still controlled by the stock tape deck, as is the fade, balance and treble.

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    Yah, that's very much like what I'd do for the next Ford thing I buy.
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