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Thread: 1984 mercury grand marquis

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    Default 1984 mercury grand marquis

    Selling my 84GMG This was bought new and driven by my grandparents and later handed down to my dad and then parked. I rebuilt the engine in high school and drove it throughout college and parked it when I bought a new car. I’ve recently joined the airforce and am expecting to travel and don’t drive it like I use too I hate to let it go but at the same time hate to see it parked and not be taken care of like I use too.

    Engine was rebuilt however there is a slight smoking upon heavy load. I believe the rings I used were too rough on the cylinder walls I used the moly steel not standard iron also I believe the cylinders should have been bored and not honed. It runs amazing and has compression just the slight smoking. It was my first rebuilt engine ever. It has a RV cam and 1:9 roller rockers. As well as gt40 heads. It’s still cfi my dream was too always carb swap or explorer swap.

    Transmission was rebuilt with Kevlar OD band and a++ servo and bm shift kit installed in the valve body about 3-4 years ago however very low mileage on it as the car has not been driven daily anymore just about once a month to keep all Internals lubed.

    The rear end is the ford 8.8 I had it rebuilt around the same time as the trans. Added 3:73 gears and a trac loc Carrier rebuilt with carbon disc.

    There’s much more little things I’ve done if anyone is interested please ask I have plenty of photos as well. Not too sure how to add photos in the post. But it’s the car I’m my signature asking 5000.00 OBO located in San Antonio tx.

    Thank you!
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    Just a few more photos of the car:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1040.jpeg 
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Name:	IMG_1821.jpeg 
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    Not trying to tell ya what to do, but you should save yourself the hassle of trying to track it down 20yrs later and hang on to it. I'm sure you could work out a way to store it safely somewhere. Time will pass and you'll want the car back.
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    I agree with keeping it but since your young, you may not understand us old folks.
    I rented people's garages, paid for storage spaces for many years to keep cars with no regrets
    I put two cars in a friends garage and paid him storage for many years when I was overseas in the Navy. They were ready when I wanted them.
    You may regret selling it. Think it over.

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    Hey sorry for the late reply. I just wanted to thank y'all for the input. I am definitely considering different options for the car, but am still open to selling if the right opportunity comes up.Thank you!

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    Default 1984 mercury grand marquis

    How many miles are on the body?

    I canít get over how clean the undercarriage is! My 85 Vic came from Pennsylvania. It had low mileage so thatís what saved it but there was still some surface rust I had to have cleaned up and encapsulated.

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