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Thread: WTB Alternator/P.S. bracket for 1990 CV

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    Default WTB Alternator/P.S. bracket for 1990 CV


    If anyone has an alternator/power steering bracket for my 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria with 302 V8, let me know!

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    Just to help others get you what you want are you in search of just the lower one where the power steering pump bolts onto and the alternator sits in? there is an upper alternator bracket that allows you to tension the belt as well. Two brackets in total Which one or both are you looking for? There is also a support bracket that helps stiffen the upper alternator bracket to the lower intake manifold....

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    I have stripped many 302s and have anything you need. Need better descriptions to determine which brackets you need. WagonMan
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    Have you gone to the wrecking yards in your area? There are a couple of huge ones in Fresno. About 1 hour away. You can see them from SR 99 N. I think they are a pick a part yards. There also used to be a couple of yards in Visalia on the west side of 99. Bakersfield only has one pick a part yard left now on Union Ave.

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