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Thread: LMR Mustang Heater Pipe And Contour Fan Mounting Brackets

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    Default LMR Mustang Heater Pipe And Contour Fan Mounting Brackets

    I am making this post as I figured that it would be helpful to other members as it was helpful to me.

    While building my 351, I needed to source a coolant tube for the Heater hoses as I prefer how the factory came in 1986 with the dual pipe configuration. LMR offered a coolant pipe for fox body mustangs with the configuration I needed WITHOUT the nipple for the EGR cooler. This is a direct fit for both 302 and 351w and works great!


    They used to list it without the hoses. They seemed to have gotten rid of that however. But the option is still there if someone is looking for a new coolant pipe. You will use the 86 heater core hoses and water pump to pipe hoses. DAYCO 87635 and DAYCO 88358 (cut to fit). DAYCO 87628 (water pump to pipe 2)

    Secondly for those who want to run contour fans. LMR also makes a Contour fan bracket assembly which comes with all the necessary hardware to mount the cooling fans to a stock mustang radiator. While our radiators are wider, the height is nearly identical. The brackets will bolt to contour fan shroud, you can use a junkyard shroud or a new one. You will need to make your own harness, but the kit comes with 2 fan connector pigtails. (I had extra since I wanted to take advantage of the fan speed resistor for high and low speed fan operation. The kit also comes with a cute little coolant catch can which I've determined, at least in my setup isn't adequate enough for the amount of coolant needed to hold in retainer. Here's the link for the brackets. I will note that you may have to drill other holes in your radiator fan mounting area to secure it to the top of the radiator.


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    I’m subscribing just for the heater hose numbers.
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    I used those heater pipes but I needed to cut the top heater hose because itís at the wrong angle. It was an easy fix though.

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