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Thread: Headlight Connectors

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    Default Headlight Connectors

    Does anyone have a good source for replacement female connectors for both high and low beam headlights? I tried to be careful when re-pinning the originals for H1s and H4s, but the plastic was too brittle.

    Someone on Amazon seemed to have a good replacement, but the stock electrical contacts are too wide to fit in the new plastic connector piece. As most other options on Amazon look like they could come from the same factory in China, I'm hesitant to blindly jump into another product only to be burned again.

    I imagine a headlight relay kit would probably solve this problem, but I'm trying to hold off on this route for now. Maybe the lower wattage of the LEDs will be okay on stock wiring. And for a little piece of plastic, a good replacement headlight connector shouldn't be too hard to find.

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    These should work fine no matter what you use (incandescent or LED).

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