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Thread: Freeze Plugs

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    Default Freeze Plugs

    Bought these freeze plugs.


    They look deep in the pic.

    They AREN’T. Maybe the depth of a silver dollar.

    Would you run these or try to find deeper ones?

    My instinct is no. The sealing edge is so small I feel like they’d be leak prone.

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    I have a Melling kit MPE-108BR sitting in front of me. The pugs are roughly .250-.260" thick from the tangent of the outside radius to the lip and there is a distinct wipe where the plug is sized. That land which would actually do the sealing is .110-.130" since it is not 100% concentric.

    The individual plug p/n is MPC-133B

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    Looks thin, but like he said they don't actually seal on that big of an area. The last ones I installed looked like brass versions of the original steel ones. Same kind of depth, etc. I got them from the local parts store, no idea what brand.

    Make sure the hole is very clean and smooth and put a small bit of sealer schmoo on. Permatex #1 or aviation sealer is what you want. The thin brown stinky goo that fills in small imperfections in surfaces.

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