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Thread: My 79 Marquis

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    Looking good. I always like the boring odd colors.

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    Man this ride is really coming along. Great save. I haven't seen a early Merc Panther around here... ever!

    I wouldn't sand it until you are ready to do something with it. Oil it once a month until you are ready to fix it.

    When that time comes, I would sandblast those areas and then they'll be ready for a light coat of filler for the putting left behind. I had several of these areas on my 88 and did that method and they have been fine since 2007. The pitting makes the filler stick!
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    Spray it with the oily shit (Fluid Film) and rock it. I wouldn't even touch the fender, I like that car just the way it is.
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    Very nice car. I agree on the color. There’s a car I posted in the internet finds forum a while back that was white with an incredible ivy green interior. All the variations of black, grey and silver on the roads now have no character.

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    My thinking was to take off the trim to expose the hidden rust. I have NOS wheel well trim for the fronts...is this more doable, or would it still be an issue getting them back on? Was thinking that leaving the hidden rust will eventually reer its ugly head at some point. The drivers side fender will get completely replaced next year....of course that trim fits perfect. I have alot of NOS bezels and taillights. I want this cherry.

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