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Thread: The Colon aka Lady Starstruck --> 1988 Colony Park by bnw

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    Quote Originally Posted by 87gtVIC View Post
    No problem. Nice set up on catching the caps.
    Thanks! I expected the hub cap to be able to blast the basket a couple of feet back (according to what I read in those threads!), so it was a nice relief to see that no unforeseen consequences took place.

    Quote Originally Posted by sly View Post
    hubcap removal tool works wonders for getting those center caps off. Also with the rubber mallet built into it, helps with reinstalling as well.
    Something like this:
    I wonder if the shipping costs would kill me straight away, or not Speaking of reinstalling, I guess I will use a tinsmith's rubber hammer. Have two of them, the small one, and that big white one, I guess it is used for larger bumps.

    Quote Originally Posted by WagonMan View Post
    In the picture of the front brake rotor, doesn't it look like the brake hose has a rub mark on it?
    Humm, I believe it is a place where a bit of sweat has dropped, or it was just touched by me while inspecting the rusted longeron. I don't see any problems with braking so far, so let's hope this was the cause...

    In the meantime. Monday and Tuesday were both maniac, but some new info has been gathered. First and foremost, I was able to find a vulcaniser, who knows an elderly turner (who, btw, works as a teacher at a tech middle school), who does some small side-jobs in his free time. The total cost of getting the steel rims done is some 15$ per rim. Dunno if this is the best idea, but I don't have any other sensible option. The only other wheels I can get are either 16' aluminium ones from a Town Car stretch, 90's model, for 200$ + shipping (probably some additional 50-70$), or mesh aluminium 16' alloys from a Crown Vic. They are also far from my home... and I don't have the slightest idea whether they are going to fit. Might as well have a different size of the central o r i f i c e ... BTW, it took me some TWO HOURS to find anyone who could do the job. Nobody else was eager to get the stuff done, which is a bad prognosis. In a couple of years, all these old professionals will likely be just another tomb in the graveyard, and the new ones are more into doing easy and clean stuff.

    Got the car for a ride today, and the lightning went nuts again. I gradually lost the low beams, then lost the high ones, and finally, cluster lightning. Turning the autolamp on/off, or fiddling with the lights' operating knob did nothing, and I was forced to plug the auxiliary power in. I guess I need to search the forums in order to see which parts are used and then try to check them. One thing I noticed later is, that the high beams tend to die out and then reanimate with no apparent reason. Is there any irradiance sensor, that would force them to switch off when another source of light (eg. another car) is discovered? If I try to pull the knob as far as possible, they stay online. So maybe a knob error? But if it is so, then the autolamp would be enough to have the low beams working while driving in the dark. Which is apparently not the case. Plus, follow-me-home is dead again.

    Today was a pick-up-a-part-day. Apart from non-Volvo stuff, I got these nice things:

    A CP beak, with a complete passenger's headlight (and a part of the driver's one), three... four? bumpers, and some less useable/sensible stuff. Bumpers and the beak were offered for 150$, but we settled at 100$ for that. My parents were to pick the parts (the owner lives some 200km from my home, but they pass that city when en route to Warsaw), but as the beak wouldn't fit into their A8 the final decision was made that he is going to haul them to Kraków while visiting a friend. He brought some other parts, mostly for LTDs, and I finally paid him 125 $ for all the stuff. I am quite glad how it turned out, I think I can trade these extra parts for MGM ones, or, in the worst case, some of them can be easily repainted and used in my CP. He might have some other CS/CP stuff, but small enough so it can be picked at his place.

    The plan for now is to finally find some time to get the bulbs replaced. And unload the stuff somewhere, too... The bumpers have nice plastic add-on strips, and one of them is missing in my car. Also, the from teeth were dented so someone could install a long licence plate. Replacing them would also be of interest. I should get a working set of used catalysers and a tailgate window motor soon, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnw View Post
    I wonder if the shipping costs would kill me straight away, or not Speaking of reinstalling, I guess I will use a tinsmith's rubber hammer. Have two of them, the small one, and that big white one, I guess it is used for larger bumps.
    I imagine you could find one a little more local to you. Posted that so you could see what it is and what it's called and see if you can find that more reasonably near you. I see it in many tire shops around here, so I imagine there's at least hubcap removal tools similar to that in your area of the world as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gadget73
    ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.
    Quote Originally Posted by dmccaig
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