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Thread: Prudence, my 87 Town Car

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainemantom View Post
    Lisle makes a good puller too.
    had to grab something out of the toolbox. Mine is actually a Lisle. Not sure why I was thinking Gearwrench.

    I ended up buying one because the loaner from the parts store was destroyed beyond being useful and the one they had on the shelf for sale was such a piece of junk it wouldn't work.

    86 Lincoln Town Car (Galactica).
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    Quote Originally Posted by phayzer5 View Post
    I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers

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    Quote Originally Posted by DerekTheGreat View Post
    That's the smell. "Breakfast/pancakes" is more of a joke. My car never left drips. Like someone else said, the other tell-tale sign of a leaky heater core is if the windshield fogs up when using defrost. My car did that too. That will not cause a leak at the cap. Evan's Coolant, maaan. Fix the leak and then put in Evan's. The stuff doesn't expand like traditional coolant does so it won't stress gaskets, seals or other components.
    Well that sucks. I'll have to verify with the defrost, but between the freeze plugs and the heater core are two major jobs I would've preferred to not have to do. I assume the only way to keep it from leaking until then is to bypass the core?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mainemantom View Post
    Lisle makes a good puller too. The Auto hobby shop on base might have one to use. I think it is the luck of the draw with remans.
    Maybe you can find a good deal on a nos Ford.
    I've learned with the auto craft shop to expect nothing in the tool department. They have hydraulic lifts, a steady supply of air, and some of the larger machines - fluid exchange, tire mounting, etc. Anything that might be specific to one make or model they won't have. Sometimes that's not the end of the world. The guys who run the place come from the Red Green school of auto mechanics, and that can overcome any number of obstacles.

    O'Reilly had the cheapest reman power steering pump. With a $5 core I may just hold onto the old pump. Now I just need to find time to swap it out, along with the rear springs, and the other half dozen projects that have cropped up in the mean time.

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    Oh those are jobs I wouldn't do either. I farmed out the heater core and also had the evaporator done at the same time. Yes, bypassing the core would keep it from leaking, stinking and fogging. I attempted to do that, but those hoses weren't budging without cutting so I just left the temperature to full cold and barely drove it.

    Good luck with a reman pump. Most seem to be just cleaned & painted. I went through two on an F150 I was working on- both were just as noisy as the one they were intended to replace. Funny enough, the fix was the one I pulled from a ~300k mile Ford Taurus. That pump was dead quiet.
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    The pump on my '90 GM was actually fairly quiet. It got much more quiet when I filled it with Type-F from O'Reilly.

    If you'd be willing to buy your own puller, OTC makes a good one. There is a full service set that includes a case ($53) and a smaller one that doesn't have a case ($40) but still looks to have everything needed to remove and install a pulley.

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