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Thread: 1968 Buick Rivera

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    Default 1968 Buick Rivera

    Hello i am rebuilding a 68 Rivera. My question is does anyone know where i can locate a 351w? The engine in it now is toasted. Thanks for any information

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    I would try facebook marketplace or craigslist. If you aren't looking for a roller 351w then they are all over the place

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    Why are you putting a 351W in a 68 Buick?

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    82-97 Trucks and Vans are pretty typical donors. A lot of the 3/4 ton are equipped with the Windsor’s.

    You’ll need a trans too to put this in a Buick.
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    Wouldn't it be easier/cheaper to find another 430 to slip in than to redesign the entire drivetrain for the Riv?
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    Yes but a friend suggested a 351 but i like your idea thanks

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    A friend suggested it he said it wotl be cool

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    + 1 with Derek on that ! Keep it GM.

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    wait a minute. years ago there was someone who came here with a buick that someone swapped in a 351w. maybe the seller of the car told that person about gmn.
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    It is definitely easier to go back with stock engine. No adapters/fabrication needed. You could probably do an LS swap in that as there's probably aftermarket adapters and mounts ready and waiting for purchase. If the old engine isn't completely wrecked, a rebuild might actually be the cheapest option unless you find a known good, used engine. Some general wisdom is that no used engine is good until you tear it down and make sure it is actually good. And while you're in there, replace all gaskets so it won't leak. Obviously, stock for stock is a sure recipe for proper repair, but newer power plant may be a good option if you or someone you know is willing to fabricate a few things to make it fit.

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