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Thread: Mysterious water leak beind IP right above accelerator pedal

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    Default Mysterious water leak beind IP right above accelerator pedal

    Due to the recent heavy rainstorms here in Germany I noticed water leak from up above the accelerator pedal. Itīs dripping exactly onto the pedal. Right up there behind the IP in the cowl area there is a 3/4" hole in the insulator padding with a smaller appprox. 1/4" hole hole in the sheet metal. It looks like this is for some sort of retainer clip to fasten the padding. No retainer on mine and no impression of such in the rubber backing.

    Waterīs dripping from that small hole. Padding is soaked now of course. Poked a wire inside and expected it to show me the leak in the cowl area. But to my surprise the wire never came up out in the cowl area.

    What is this? A mysterious compartment under the windshield insisde the cowl? And where can it leak from in there?

    I had a similar issue on my 84 F250 but it was the cowl to firewall caulk that was cracked. Canīt see no such thing here on the Town Car.

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    Are all your box panthers leak free?? Canīt believe it.

    Any idea on how to find that leak without taking off the hood and pulling the entire dashboard?

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    Mine are certainly not leak free, but I've never came across a leak in that area. On mine it has always been the seal for the windshield usually on or near the top around the A-pillar.
    As you were thinking, sticking the wire through should have emerged on the engine bay side. Is that around the windshield wiper motor area? Perhaps removing all of that might help find where that hole emerges on the engine bay side. Although I'm not certain if that is the right area.
    If that is the right area, I have some not very good pictures of the clip that holds the wiper linkage to the motor for reference here: http://www.grandmarq.net/vb/showthre...l=1#post835354

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    My Lincoln and wagon both have water leaks up behind the dash that I haven't been able to trace yet. Can't offer any help as to the source yet, but I definitely have water problems too.

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    I would start by checking the the drain "flap" below the wiper motor. If that is clogged the water accumulates in the plastic covers and works its way into the cabin. WagonMan
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    Mine has lived in the garage for years at this point, but I don't have any memory of water leaks from under the dash.

    The wiper box does accumulate a lot of trash though, so does the air intake box for the HVAC over on the passenger side.

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    Both of mine leak under the dash. I've searched but stopped short of pulling the dash. No findings to report.
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