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Thread: My 88 Vic (before MAACO)

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    No gauge package on this car. That would have been cool but sometimes I don't like the way these cars kind of had those added as an afterthought on the passenger side but slanted to the driver.

    Just thought you guys might want a shot of the engine bay also. Got the new reproduction hood liner from some place on ebay about 3 years ago. Fit perfectly.
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    Also, maybe you noticed, but it is not an automatic climate control car.

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    The holes in the bumper look pretty small for a push bar. Are there holes under the bumper too ? If so, it would be a push bar. In my opinion the holes in the bumper were for lights and the pull switch next to the toggle, turned them on. The horn button not working was not unusual. Horn was wired separately or wired in with other police equipment. I notice you have a ticket light on the headliner. Some departments had them, some didn't. Some even had a red lens. A white bright interior light was discouraged as it is an officer safety issue. It is good that the clock "blank" is in good shape. So many ended up with a hole drilled in it. One thing about adding antennas, It becomes a PITA when you use a car cover. I have a car cover for the 96 with one antenna on the roof.

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    Looks really nice under there.
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