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Thread: Wipers

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    I try to buy USA made wipers when I can. So do to poor quality, I'm moving from Sight Savers to Goodyear. Regarding the USA made Goodyear ones, which fit under the hood for the hideaway? They have a number of options. I know some will probably hit the hood and will not fit to go down below the hood. I prefer the older style look that fits with the era of these cars versus some of the newer "batwing" (my word, lol) futuristic style. But which fit under the hood?

    What about this one? https://goodyearwiperblade.com/find-your-wipers/

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    Usually the conventional, frame type blades fit fine under the hood. It's usually those beam blades that have issues from time to time fitting properly.

    Regarding where blades are made, most I've dealt with were from overseas. I usually just run Trico 31 series since they're cheap, but I think they're made in Mexico or China. Can't remember, but they wipe fine and I swap them out every six months.

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