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Thread: Box on bronze wheels?

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    Default Box on bronze wheels?

    I own a white 91 crown vic and with winter coming thinking about tossing on some snow tires soon on my steelies. I've been looking at how some folk update steelies on other car forums and saw a lot of the offroad world goes with dark bronze (thinking Dupli-Color HWP105), Any of you good folks go bronze or gold on your box? Whats it look like, I'm thinking of biting the bullet real soon.
    some examples of the color



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    I think it would look good. Will also match brake dust color so that is a bonus.

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    Linky broken.

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    The Imgur link works if you remove the lowercase L right before the .jpg. Adding that L works well when embedding images into forum posts, which might have been Reggys' intent, but I guess Imgur doesn't like it if you use it in links.

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