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Thread: 1989 Colony Park - Water Leak Dashboard

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    Default 1989 Colony Park - Water Leak Dashboard

    While driving my 89 Colony Park through a fairly heavy downpour, I felt a drop of water on my shin - didn't think much of it. Then I felt another drop, and another...

    So looking up under the dashboard I noticed there was water running off of the steering column brace, running down it, and dropping off. It looked like while craning my neck under the dash, that it's possibly running in from the cowl/windshield area? Is there a common leak spot on the box bodies? I know the common 92+ leak spots, but not the boxes.
    -Nick M.
    Columbia, SC

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    Fairly certain at least 2 of mine (Lincoln and wagon) leak in a similar way in the same spot. Source not yet identified.

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    I think @hillbillycat had a similar leak, but I can't remember the details.
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    I searched high and low and finally figured mine has to be leaking from the cowl internally or the windshield.
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