I've had this 86 Crown Vic Base model as a parts car for a few years now and just used a door striker. Space is starting to get scarce and as I don't want my property to start looking like a junkyard, so it's time to strip it, and junk whatever is left.

I'll be keeping all parts that could be useful for my 86 CV LX (detachable body panels (rad support, fenders, hood, trunklid, taillights, rear bumper, doors), and the windshield), but most other stuff is available.

Specifically any red interior parts, 5.8L parts, base specific parts (manual mirrors, manual window winders, etc...)

Please let me know what you are looking for with an offer. Prices will be very reasonable (as I'd rather sell it for cheep to someone here who could use it than just scrap it), plus shipping to you via cheapest means (probably Canada Post/USPS).

I'm located in Nova Scotia Canada, so not super convenient for local pick up.

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