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Thread: Do they make the green carpet for 79 Marquis Ltd

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    Default Do they make the green carpet for 79 Marquis Ltd

    I think its pine or light pine green for 1979/80 coupes

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    ACC does make carpet for these. You'll want the cut pile. You can select any color they have, which is a lot of options. I highly suggest the mass backing. Makes for a much quieter ride.

    The fit isn't as great as original so I have heard but it can be better than old carpet.
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    Ordered some samples!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggie View Post
    I highly suggest the mass backing.
    Agreed with the above.

    Just a word of advice, the carpet will come rolled up or folded up. Unravel it and leave it in the sun somewhere for a couple of hours. It will help it get its normal shape. Also, when it’s warmer it’ll be easier to manipulate along the transmission hump and the floor pan. Fit will not be exact but if you take your time you can get it to match up pretty well. Obviously you will have to cut slits for harnesses (if there are any, like seat harness) and there will be trimming required.

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