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Thread: 1994 Crown Vic p71

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    Default 1994 Crown Vic p71

    Did some horse trading and ended up with this sub 20k mile rust free 94 p71. I didn't want another vehicle, but sometimes trading multiple things you don't want, for a single thing you don't want is the way to go!

    This car originally came from Siler City, NC, where it was a municipality code enforcement vehicle. A quick googling shows the town has ~8000 people, so no surprise this sat around forever. 25+ years of basting outside in the sun has ruined the paint and interior sadly. Underneath, it's as clean as they get! My buddy bought it through a friend on govdeals.com, had it up here for a few years, never drove it, and got bored of it (sound familiar?). I'm sadly a sucker for aero's and rust free vehicles. Yes, the odometer gears still work, the carfax, and complete lack of wear on pedals or steering wheel, plus the 20 year old tires seem to agree with the mileage, not that it really matters much.

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    Wow, that's a clean one underneath. Great get, even if you don't need it lol.

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    Looks good under the hood - low coolant?
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    Non-rusty cars are a joyous thing.

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    I'm kind of mad that the car came through my state and didn't get dropped off at my house. What were the traded items?
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    Really nice CV. Interior should not be too hard to find in a wrecking yard. Bench or bucket seats ? White paint might be able to be buffed out. Repainting the doors in white should not be expensive. Are you going to undercoat it ?

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