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I dunno how to title this...

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    I dunno how to title this...

    I dislike comparing GMN with CVN, but they have a feature that is useful...I dunno if anyone notices it.
    When you go into a thread, you go to either the most recent post, or you go to the post after your most recent one...something like that.
    For example, lets say you started a thread and it has gone into 3 pages...
    If you click the thread title here on GMN, it takes you to the first post on the first page(not complaining, just saying).
    On CVN, it would take you to the post right after your last post...or the most recent post.
    This is a very convenient feature.
    If it's possible to hook this into GMN, it would great!
    I do notice that we have a similar feature already...but it will always take you to the most recent post...not the one right after yours...
    If this feature can be EASILY installed, that would be cool. If it would take a lot of effort, don't bother..

    thanks for reading.

    1989 Ford Crown Victoria

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    1986 lincoln towncar signature series. 5.0 HO with thumper performance ported e7 heads, 1.7 roller rockers, warm air intake, 65mm throttle body, 1/2" intake spacer, ported intakes, 3.73 rear with trac lock, 98-02 front brake conversion, 92-97 rear disc conversion, 1" rear swaybar, 1 3/16" front swaybar, 16" wheels and tires, loud ass stereo system, badass cb, best time to date 15.94 at 87 mph. lots of mods in the works 221.8 rwhp 278 rwt
    2006 Lincoln Town Car Signature. Stock for now
    1989 Ford F-250 4x4 much much more to come, sefi converted so far.
    1986 Toyota pickup with LSC wheels and 225/60/16 tires.
    2008 Hyundai Elantra future Revcon toad
    1987 TriBurner and 1986 Alaska stokers keeping me warm. (and some pesky oil heat)

    please be patient, rebuilding an empire!


      Doesn't that take you to the last post? I like how you're able to click on the "most recent unread post" from the main forum. if you could make that feature what the little blue button did that would be awesome.
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        the blue button takes u to the first unread post in the thread.
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          ah cool...i didn't notice that
          1989 Ford Crown Victoria