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Jumping on the bandwagon...

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    Jumping on the bandwagon...

    Since everyone else is doing it....and for those that don't know me or my history....

    I got my 87 vic in 98 when I decided the mustang just wasn't enough of a car for me. One of my friends had one they wanted to sell, took it for a test drive and bought it for 1200 bucks.

    I started modding it right away, did exhaust, wheels, trans upgrade, gears, brake upgrade, sway bars, shocks, and various engine mods, ending with an HO conversion that eventually got my car into the 14's. That got me alot of attention on CVN, and that car was the quickest box for a long time.

    I was the 4th member to sign up on CVN. I was on BON until it got shut down and CVN was formed. I was out of the box game for awhile because of how bad CVN got , and for a bit over 2 years I didn't own a panther, until last summer I bought my 89 Country Squire LX, which I had been wanting for over 10 years. So, I went back to CVN, and found this place....and here I am....
    Builder/Owner of Badass Panther Wagons

    Busy maintaining a fleet of Fords

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