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    Junkyard 91 CV

    I came across an interesting 91 CV in a local wrecking yard. It's K code axle on the vin and the diff tag confirmed the locking 3.55 gears. It also had 11" drums. It didn't seem to be a tow packager car. There's no transmission or power steering cooler and it's got a single exhaust. The odd thing was that it had a rear swap bar. The rear springs also have "TOW" on the p/n tag. Anyway I grabbed the rear end, rear sway bar and accompanying lower arms. It's too bad it ended up in the yard. Odometer shows 70k and judging from the condition of the interior I believe it hasn't turned over.
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    That is an odd combo. I have found one 3.55 open rear car in my time, non tow package. All the other 3.55 have been K/tow cars. I guess it was possible to get that rear ratio and traction-lok without the tow package if you checked the right boxes. I think the "tow" codes on the springs are just a spring code that happen to spell tow.

    Can't explain the 11" brakes, though. Assembly line thing. Would be interesting to see the build sheet on this one.
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      No vinyl roof by the looks of it either. Odd question if you recall: Did it have a air deflector on the lower radiator support?

      I've met some odd option Boxes in the yard, but they've been few and far between. I recall a very base LTD of a '88-'89 model year that didn't have a vinyl roof either, white in color, but had red interior and was pretty standard inside (power windows, locks, etc...), but was just a super stripper exterior. That was around the same time a '90 351 police package car was in the yard that someone managed to fit a replacement single exhaust on versus dual, but that was several years ago.

      Only true tow package car I've seen was the Country Squire a few months back and luckily it was proper stripped of the good bits and many panels before it was crushed.

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        Based upon the writing on the windshield, it was an impound by Alameda County Sheriff's Office. Tow yard sold it for scrap. Very common in CA. Lots of good running cars go bye bye that way. Good save on the parts.


          oddly optioned cars are sort of interesting. Scott had a wagon at one point that had zero options except a tripminder. Always though that was an odd thing to tick the box for, best guess is someone was in fuel economy mode and wanted to monitor it constantly.
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