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2000 LTC 4.6L

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    2000 LTC 4.6L

    I love this site by the way.

    I am looking for information on what I can do to my 2000 LTC with 4.6L engine. Like headders and exhaust, fuel injectors, heads, rear end gears. and any other useful information.

    The only thing I have changed is a KN air filter, which increased the throttle response, maybe a few mile per gallon, and the tires are 245 60 16.

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    Welcome! Your car is really nice. You should check out (they have a banner at the bottom of the page). They carry alot of things for these cars, superchargers, heads, exhaust, cams, intakes, etc. I have done a good amount of business through them and they are really good. You have a 2000 so you have a Non-PI engine in it. If it was a 01+ it would have one. You can swap out the heads and cams to PI ones and have a PI motor. But honestly you can swap in the PI cams by themselves and get 90% of the benefits without taking off the heads.

    The starter mods that most people start out with is a tune, marauder airbox and MAF. It will give you 15-20 horsepower right off the bat.
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      Yeah, dual exhaust if you don't already have it, (you can snag it at the junkyard fairly cheap) better mufflers, marauder air box and tune, underdrive pullyes, and switch to PI heads and intake. It will wake right up.
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