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The "MZT" and some popular bolt-ons (Thanks dRock96Marquis)

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    I'm lookin to swap in 3.55's and a trac-lok in my 01 TC, it has the 3.08's and open diff. what other parts would i have to change/upgrade to do so?
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      Just carrier and gears (this may include a new set of clutches depending on if you get new or junk yard parts... though new is just about as much as a rebuild kit so meh.).


      and holy zombie thread batman.

      No worries about starting your own thread to ask these questions... we're not thread nazis around here... though if there's a sticky... you may get pointed to them.

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      Originally posted by gadget73
      ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.

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      Overhead, some poor bastards are flying in airplanes.


        So my local (pull a part) has about 10 crown vics ranging from 98 -06 models,im hoping some of them are pi models,so what year pi vic would i wanna snag the airbox/80mm maf/zip tube out of to work on my 98 mgm.

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          this is great info, i just picked up a 96 mgm and it already runs fantastic. but one of my favorite passtimes is junkyard crawl, so more stuff to

          look for!
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