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Vehicle Speed Sensor Gears-- How To Find The Right One

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    Vehicle Speed Sensor Gears-- How To Find The Right One

    Ever swapped rear end gears and can't figure out the correct VSS gear to put back in?
    Look no further.
    Here is an online calculator that uses tire width, rim size, tire diameter, rear axle ration (RAR) and output shaft teeth.
    **(FYI AODE/4R70W tranmsissions have 8 teeth)**
    This applies to any Panther until 2003. I'm pretty sure.
    Here is the diect link:

    And a quick reference chart:

    # of teeth Color Part Number Stock RAR (ref. only)
    16 Blue D0AZ-17271-A 2.73
    17 Green C7SZ-17271-A 2.73, 3.08
    18 Gray C7SZ-17271-C
    19 Tan C7VY-17271-A 3.08
    20 Orange C8SZ-17271-B 3.27, 3.55
    21 Purple D0OZ-17271-B 3.27

    Let me know what I missed.

    -ryan s.
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    Originally posted by pantera77
    Well my buddy tells him he knows exactly who loves buying shitboxes.

    another calculator:

    HPP optioned cars might have a 7 tooth output shaft.

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    ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.

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