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98 Town Car heater

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    98 Town Car heater

    Hey guys. I'm lurking over here, from the Box forum for a co-worker. He has a 98 Towny, and his heater core is leaking. What we need to know is, is how to do this, what are the shortcuts, pit falls, etc. I did mine in my 89 GM in about two hours, but we're talking about a 10 year difference, plus the airbag, and anything else that might blow up in my face. The guy who disconnected it, also disconnected some wiring and stuff (F#@%^@# Floridians!!!), so I've got a little bit of a job ahead of me. Thanks ahead of time, Mike

    By what I can gather, its about 99% the same. I checked for how to do the blend door, and it details pulling the dash apart in the same way as the 80s box models.

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    THe blend door should be mounted right on the side of the heater core box, so it should become clear once you get to that point. I'd suggest a new blend door actuator while you're in there as they are failure prone and cuase random AC and heat issues when it fails.
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