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    Fuel Filter?

    hey guys, the big issue im having is that I got 9 mpg on my last tank. Yikes!, I drive like a freakin granny to save every drop. I cut my cats out a few months ago and that helped alot, I have fresh plugs/rotor+cap on there, fresh oil in her, my tires are inflated nicely. I am (STILL) having a small idle problem it likes to idle high and crazy (and pretty much accelerate) itself when its started, it usually takes like 20-30 min for it to settle down (Ive changed my IAC, cleaned my tps, fresh o2 sensors)

    The one thing I havent touched since I got "Big blue" was change the fuel filter, with my tank running on "E" most the time do you think its going to help alot to change it? Im also a complete rook when it comes to that, for the EFI is the filter near the tank? is it an easy job?

    Im open to any suggestions, any time/money I can invest into raising my fuel economy will save my ass big time.

    The filter is on the frame rail under the rear passenger side, 2 clips and 2 bolts hold it on. It's not too difficult to do. It's in a red plastic cover.

    Sounds like a vacuum leak. I would also suggest the coolant temp sensor and the intake air charge sensor to increase milage.
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      What he said. High idle is very often caused by a vacuum leak, which will also contribute to poor fuel economy.
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      Originally posted by phayzer5
      I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers


        crap, thats no fun, thanks for the word guys.