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cam lift.

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    cam lift.

    Whats the most lift i can get on a cam on the stock lo po block and heads. i wanna swap mine out for 351 cam so it sounds better but i dont want to go too big and smack the piston.
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    most 351 cams are not as aggressive as 302 cams

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      Don't go any bigger than a stock HO cam


        the rule of thumb is .500", anything more and you will run into problems.

        Several guys on T-bird/Cougar sites are running the E-cam (.498" lift) with non-HO pistons and havent had any piston/valve contact issues.

        like Mercracer said, the HO cam is your safest bet, you can add 1.7 rocker arms and increase the stock lift from .444" to .474"
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