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Tom, here is your NEXT update!!!

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    Tom, here is your NEXT update!!!

    And with pictures... so :stfu3: !!!!!

    Here is the door panels after cleanup... Notice the Window crank "caps" to keep dirtbags from rolling the window down and getting away!!! (Cage will be going in soon... as soon as I get the headliner back in... Tommorow...

    The window crank cap....

    Closeup view....

    I used a hole saw to cut the holes out for the seat bolts.. it work really good.. only one minor accident, when the carpet grabbed the bit and sent it off course... but it will be hidden by the seat!

    You can see the bracket that I had to cut the carpet out for.. it was a BITCH getting the damn thing back in!!!

    Here is where I am mounting a plug for the lightbar... I am going to take the trim piece off, and drill a hole in it with a hole saw.. and mount the plug to the "B" pillar behind the trim, and then place the trim piece over the plug, so all that is seen is the plug sticking out of the trim piece... when the lighhtbar isn't on the car... then the plug will have a stainless cap that screws on, to keep the moisture out...

    And finnally.. I found the first photo I took of the car.. back the first day I talked to the owner about buying it... And yes, i got it for $950.00... A little more expensive than what I paid for the box CV... but worth it anyway! He was originally asking $2495.00........ Tom...

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    Now wheres pics of teh girl
    1983 Grand Marquis 2Dr Sedan "Mercules"
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      Wow! What an improvement. How much money have you sunk into this thing since you got it if you don't mind me asking. You do good work.
      2000 Mustang GT "Blondie", 2000 CVPI "Sargent Crusty"


        Cost so far...

        Well lets see....

        $50.00 for the front seats and rear seat. Mine would have cost more to recover them.... I was quoted $800.00 on average....
        $200.00 to have them torn down, have the covers completely resewn, Change out one small insert due to a burn in the panel, cleaned and put back together... (Yes the seats are the original cloth that was on them... straight from the junk yard!)
        $150.00 for the vinyl carpets
        $150.00 for assorted parts from the junkyard
        $290.00 for the paint job... (friend did it)
        $50.00 for interior dye, masking tape, cleaner etc, to redye the interior.
        $38.00 for the floor insulation
        $20.00 for headliner material
        $50.00 for rear flashing deck lights (NAPA auto parts)
        $35.00 for the Police Package gauges...
        $0.00 for spotlight (Already had one!)
        $0.00 for pushbumpers.. (Fire Dept. gave me the pushys... the FHP gave them to us for the Chief's car... never put on... they were throwing them away... they were off of a FHP "baby" LTD!)

        Probably about $1200.00 so far..... maybe a little more.... Because I am sure I am forgeting something.....
        Got the headliner all ready to go back in finnally, had to figure out where I wanted to hook up the ticket light.... IF it isn't raining tommorow.. it will go back in, followed by most of the trim.... and then on to the radios and equipment installation... cage, radios, siren, lights, gun rack... etc etc etc.... The FUN stuff!!! (IF you like crawling around under the dash of a car!!!) Tom...

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        Agent Tony DiNozzo… It only seems longer….


          wow tom! that interior looks brand new!
          maybe you should set up some sort of interior camp tudor sure could use it lol

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          please be patient, rebuilding an empire!



            I am still going to redye the door panels.. they are a little faded compared to the dash... so it will be pretty easy to re- dye them... So I guess I will do that when I paint the door jambs.... Since I will have to take the door panels off to paint the door jambs and the edges of the doors.... One advantage of having vinyl door panels! (I didn't let the paint shop paint the door jambs..... didn't want over spray all over the place!) Tom...

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              I need to ask ya, what kind of dye are you using, that spray stuff or what? I would like to know cause in the near future I'm going to get a console and I can never find them in blue so I will have to dye it. What do you have to do?
              2000 Mustang GT "Blondie", 2000 CVPI "Sargent Crusty"


                Vinyl Dye...

                The stuff I am using is called SEM dye.. it is in spray "rattle cans".

                The main thing to remember is to get some grease, dirt, and wax remover also.. to get the area CLEAN... Especially if someone has used Armour All on the part. I found the stuff at the local body shop supply... and took a piece of the interior with me to "match" the color... (The INSIDE of the part, where it was still un-faded!) If you get some and start to paint something, and it seems to soak right in.. let it dry completely before the second coat... so it will stop soaking in... (My dash did this) Also, they make three clear coats for the stuff, which i used the low gloss stuff... on my steering wheel, to protect it since the steering wheel is handled alot. The finish after drying on just the dye is VERY close to the original lustre... Sort of a low gloss semi gloss.... Here is a link to a website that has a color chart... This place is high on their prices tho, so check around for a local body shop supply that has it. Mine was about $10.00... Tom....

                Agent Caitlin Todd… You know Tony, Statistics show that married men live longer…
                Agent Tony DiNozzo… It only seems longer….