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power gains on a basic ho conversion?

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    power gains on a basic ho conversion?

    what are the differences in power between the lo-po and the ho 5.0's?

    and if i do just the upper part of the motor how much of that difference would i lose?

    if the loss is anything more than 5-10hp with just doing the upper part of the motor, i'll save myslef the trouble and just hold out for a complete ho motor, and i'll just swap my accessories onto it.

    btw which mark7 computer do i want? i forget whether somebody said 88 or 89
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    lopo 302= 150 hp...........302 ho= 225 hp
    eric got 188.1 rwhp from his ho converted 302 in his 88 grand marquis
    theres not much difference there, just need the ho goodies installed

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      To be honest, my car saw the most performance improvement with E7 heads and more gear.
      Surprisingly, I saw NO power or performance increase with HO cam, 19lb injectors or HO ECM.

      If I had to do it all over again, I would do; E7 heads, HO upper/throttle body, headers with a good dual exhaust, 3.27 or 3.55 gear and some mild trans upgrades.
      Maybe port the lower intake and run 1.7 rockers to get more lift on the stock cam.

      Skip the HO cam, injectors and ECM

      oh... and about the ECM, any mark 7 ecm from 88-92 should work. but I hear the 89 model is the best, ECM code D9S. Its supposed to have a more agressive fuel map and spark curve.
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        MARK 7 Bitches! j/k

        I guess I should look for one to replace the 90 ecm.


          good info guys, thanks

          what i might do is hold out on a complete ho out of a wrecked stang or mark 7 and take it from there
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            i was looking at some aftermarket upper intakes and it seems they're all setup for a mustang with the tb on the passenger side. that wouldn't exactlyjive with an aod,lol

            can an aftermarket upper be reversed?

            this was one i was looking at, mainly for some flash under teh hood.

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