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I have a mustang mass air unit

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    I have a mustang mass air unit

    I have heard from various sources that the use of a mass air unit will greatly improve my fuel economy. I have one from a mustanf that came with a complete intake assy.

    How do I put it to use? Will my non HO ecm read it? Is there a plug to just place it inline in the intake and plug it in?

    When I hear people talking about getting 25 mpg with a grand marquis I get all emotional. I would appreciate any answers.
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    No, you'd need to change the ECM itself. 89+ Mustang (and 88 cali 'stangs) have mass air, but thats for an HO engine. Maybe an ecm from a truck with mass air will work, but I'm not sure offhand what you'd need to look for.

    err, wait a min. Your sig says you have an HO conversion. I'm guessing you're thinking of going mass air on the non-HO car then?
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    Originally posted by phayzer5
    I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers


      you need a mass air ecm, the air meter which you have, and a maf conversion harness..........they r around 30-40........destructions come with the kit

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