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New dashtops for Vic's and GM's

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    New dashtops for Vic's and GM's

    You know we all need these. I myself just use a carpet top cover from Autozone.

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    How does that carpet cover look anyway? Debating picking one up for my car since noone seems to carry dashpad covers for Townies.
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      Thats not a new dash man. It's a piece of plastic that goes over your existing dash. Don't get it!!


        It may be a peice of plastic, but it still passses for a regular dash to just about everyone, is tougher, and all....

        GMGT has one. came on the car, and I couldnt even tell!!!

        Cheaper, and easier than finding a new or prestine dash...
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          The carpet will look shitty and won't lay right.

          Just because it takes time, give it six months or a summer and it will look and fit great. My friend buys them for each of his cars.


            I got a carpet cover out of a 85 Vic at the junkyard today. Sweeet!
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              Dash pad....

              I made a carpet dash cover for mine.... (the 1991)

              Here is what I did....

              First, I cleaned the whole dash with wax and grease remover....

              Then I taped off all around the edges of the dash for any over spray

              I took the filler panel at the front of the dash up top off (By the windshield)

              Took the dash bezel off, the right side A/C vent off, and the wood grain trim pieces around the right side of the dash

              I taped off the rest of all the edges...

              Then I sprayed 3M spray adhesive all over the dash, and on the carpet...

              Then working quickly, I layed the carpet in on the dash, and smoothed it out... hardest part was doing the contoures around the right side of the cluster... then when it was all glued down, I started to trim the excess...

              Then reinstalled all the trim.... Last touch was a Ford emblem glued to the carpet on the right side, near the right side of the dash bezal, just above the wood grain trim.... here is a shot of it... You can see the Ford emblem right to the left of the computer... (Sorry--- sort of hard to see in this shot... if you want a better one, let me know....)

              I did this because my dash was cracking, thanks to the Sheriff's office GLUING the radar to the dash.... well, they probably glued the velcro to the dash... but it cracked when I tried to remove it.....

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