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89 LTC AC acting real funny

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    89 LTC AC acting real funny

    heres the story: we got our AC reworked cuz it was leaking around all the O-rings, so they resealed everything nice and they filled it up with freon. It cools AWESOME for the 1st 15 mins of so of driving, then it happens; whenever I have to get on the gas to accelerate, the ac goes off, the heat comes on and it blows out the winshield defroster vents?!?! then when I let off the gas, it goes back to cold air and it comes out where its supposed to. Maybe something to do with TPS sensor, maybe a spun bearing in the compressor, maybe blend door?? help please! thanks

    p.s. I disconnected the vacuum hose going to my "coffee can" evap and i plugged it and ran the car for a while and that did nothing.
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    sounds like a vacume leak , when you get on the gas it makes the selector think you switched it to defrost. we have the same problem on a 2001 Ranger

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      It does soun like a vacume leak. Normaly you don't notice it because the vacume genrated by the engine out runs the leak. However, when you open up the throttle the engine loses its vacume. On a side note, the AC compressor should dissenguage when you accelerate a good bit.


        Check the can and the thermal blower lockout. It gets its vacuum straight off the main climate control vac line and if it leaks it will make the system flip out really quick. Replaced the can on mine, sealed off the thermal lockout switch, and it works perfectly now.
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