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    Quarter mile times

    Does anyone know where to find, or what the quarter mile time is for my stock 86 grand marquis LS coupe is? I tried looking everywhere and no luck.

    1986 Grand Marquis LS - coupe [/url]
    1986 Grand Marquis LS 2 Door
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    Check in the off topic forum, I posted a link that has 1/4 times for most cars. You may not find an 86 coupe, but there will be something similar. 86-91 should be the same for vics and marquis'.


      1/4 mile times can be found at your local drag strip. go run the car and find out how fast it is.

      To answer your quesiton, Most EFI cars runs 18.2 to 17.8, depending on how well the engine is tuned and the equipment.
      My 88 GM ran a 17.7 with HO intake manifold, dual exhaust, 2.73 gear and the timing jacked up to 16 degrees.
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        My CFI linc ran an 18.29 with 3.55's and straight duals. The K&N had to improve the time at least half a second on its own :banana:

        RIP Jason P Harril, we'll miss ya bro

        '80 Town Coupé
        '84 Towncar - Teh Cobra TC, 408w powered
        '16 Ram 1500 CC Outdoorsman, Hemi/3.92/8sp 4x4


          i saw a cfi gm go 17.89 lol

          1986 lincoln towncar signature series. 5.0 HO with thumper performance ported e7 heads, 1.7 roller rockers, warm air intake, 65mm throttle body, 1/2" intake spacer, ported intakes, 3.73 rear with trac lock, 98-02 front brake conversion, 92-97 rear disc conversion, 1" rear swaybar, 1 3/16" front swaybar, 16" wheels and tires, loud ass stereo system, badass cb, best time to date 15.94 at 87 mph. lots of mods in the works 221.8 rwhp 278 rwt
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