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    injector question

    if the cap right around the tip of the injector is cracked, will the injector leak?
    ] [
    { }
    (__) < -- Bottom O- ring
    U < --- Crack is here, circling the upper lip of the tip
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    No, but the cracked tip may cause the fuel to spray randomly, which could reduce its efficiency. Next time you're at a junk yard, slip one into your sock and you'll be good to go. :banana:
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      You can buy those in a kit with new O rings and spacers. Those caps are a bitch to get off. I ended up taking one of those snap-off blade utility knives and cutting through mine. The kits are cheap, and you get the O rings too. Buy 8 of them.

      Borg-Warner part# 274081
      Big price tag: $2.60 each.

      I also soaked my injectors in fuel injector cleaner for a few days and blew them out with my sissy little air compressor. Didn't get much crunk out but they came out of a low mileage Towncar.
      86 Lincoln Town Car (Galactica).
      5.0 HO, CompCams XE258,Scorpion 1.72 roller rockers, 3.55 K code rear, tow package, BHPerformance ported E7 heads, Tmoss Explorer intake, 65mm throttle body, Hedman 1 5/8" headers, 2.5" dual exhaust, ASP underdrive pulley

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      Originally posted by phayzer5
      I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers