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O2 wires need lengthening?

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    O2 wires need lengthening?

    I going to put on my towncar O2 sensors, do the wires need to be lengthened to reach the mustang H-pipe bungs?
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    This really seems to depend on the car... some people have to lengthen them and some don't. you can buy Bosch 02 sensors at the parts store with a longer harness on them. Bosch part # 13953

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      Needed longer ones on the wagon. Didn't need them on the vic...

      I just got the mustang application 02 sensors. they have a long harness on them. They are the ones that 88 Grandmarq posted above.
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        side note they wont work on 86's

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          Ummmm, what is wrong with just lengthening the wires????


            I had to lengthen one of my O2 sensor's harnesses. I also had to replace the O2 sensor wiring harness because the 86 plugs are not the same as the 88 sensors I bought and I don't have the harness quite in the right spot. My passenger side O2 sensor's harness is about 3 feet long, the driver's side one is stock length. I also have Mark VII O2 sensors so the wiring is a little longer than stock TC ones. Easy enough to extend them, but if you're buying new I'd probably suggest the Mustang or Mark VII ones, as they are longer and will save you the bother of screwing with it.
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