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Compression ratio and valve shrouding q on E7

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    Compression ratio and valve shrouding q on E7

    the pro machine shop assembled the heads before i could get them ported by my mechanic, so hes mostly smoothing everything that can be reached through the intake and exhaust manifold side ports without removing the valves. i know this sucks but ill decide if i want it taken apart. ive read the main e7 restriction is behind the valves.

    im worried my compression will be too low.

    the block is bored 20 over
    hypereutectic pistons with 2 valve reliefs part no H273CP20
    heads are 88 E7TE with new springs retainers and 3 angle valve job done by pro machine shop. slight bowl grind done by my mechanic..
    stock felpro gaskets
    crane 1.7rrs

    thing im worried about is id like to do some valve shrouding but i dont want my compression ratio to be too low. i could probably get some thinner gaskets if advised.

    ther parts to my setup
    mac equal length shorties
    gt40 lower and upper w intake spacer +65mm tb <-ANY PORTING IDEAS?***?
    mark 7 LSC trans w high stall
    mark 7 ecu

    Valves are not shrouded on E7 heads.

    compression ratio will be fine. stock E7 heads are rated at 62cc combustion chamber.
    According to Mike Schultz at thumper performance, you can safely cut/mill E7 heads .025" with out any complications, which yeilds a 57cc combustion chamber.
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      oops youre right they arent. was lookng at the wrong pic


        Compared to E6's E7's have no valve shrouding. The CR is prolly around 9:0:1...

        and you want to UNshroud the valves...not shroud them....

        Get rid of the emissions bump on the exhaust port....
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