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    Wagon Handling

    Dear Gurus,
    I use my 89 colony park for travel to sheepdog trials. I can comfortably fit four dogs in crates or less comfortably (the passenger seat won't recline): six. The wagon has a new engine, new tranny, new paint, new sound system (I can play MP3's): it's comfortable and fast. I've pulled the jump seats so I have a trunk too. With a second driver I've traveled (gas stops only) 26 hours in this rig but 11 and 12 hour shots are common. My problem: it's a boat. I've installed a rear swaybar, set the toein to police specs, added limited slip ( sheepdog trials are in pastures) and I'm running Dunlop 235 GT qualifiers.
    So here's my queston: how can I improve handling further? Should I/can I switch to 16inch wheels? If so, can I fit police rear discs? All suggestions appreciated. Donald McCaig

    sway bars, shocks and springs do a whole lot!...consider thos first

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      Yes, you can switch to 16" wheels, and talk to scott (lincolnmania), for he has converted his car to rear disc as well.

      Also, how big is your rear bar?

      Another thing to keep in mine, poly swaybar bushing for the front swaybar also make a world of difference
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        my towncar handles incredibly.........on the wagon, i would install rear air shocks, kyb gr2 shocks in the front for a police car, a 1" rear sway bar if you happen to have the 1/2" bar, and poly bushings for the front swaybar.
        your handling may also be poor cause of front end parts being worn......jack up the front by the lower control arms and use a pipe or a long prybar to lift under the wheel to check for ball joint wear......if theres any play up and down, replace the ball joints. also check the tie rod ends, idler arm, and pitman arm for play.......dont take your mechancs word for it, check it all yourself.

        u can mount 16" wheels on the wagon.......this will improve handling even better, cause of the tire towncar is a handling machine lol wheels from a 98-02 cv tc or gm will bolt right on with no spacers required..........if you run mark7 or mustang 5 lug wheels, you will need 1" spacers

        the rear disc conversion is something to think about, it wont improve handling, but it may improve braking quality (not sure if it's gonna improve braking if u have 11" drums......they work pretty well)
        i would definitely consider the 98-02 disc conversion in the front, if it's in your budget.......(you have to have 16" or larger wheels for clearance)
        any questions feel free to pm me

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