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Transmission Cooler Install Problems

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    Transmission Cooler Install Problems

    Hi All,

    I need help from some experts:

    I want to install a B&M #70273 transmission oil cooler in my 91 Grand Marquis, in series with the radiator cooler.

    But I want to keep the 5/16" flared steel tubing I now have and just extend it to connect to the cooler's 1/2" female NPT pipe outlets. ( I don't want to use rubber hoses ).
    To do this I would buy 2 pieces of 5/16" steel tubing with the fittings already on both ends and bend them.

    The problem is:
    I can't seem to find 5/16" flared to 1/2" NPT adapters (to screw on to the cooler outputs).

    I also can't find a 5/16" to 5/16" flared tubing coupler (to connect from one cooler output to the existing return line).

    Can anyone please help, or give me an alternative?
    Thanks much,

    check Lowes for the fittings... they've got much more than an auto store will carry.
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      Originally posted by 85crownHPP*
      check Lowes for the fittings... they've got much more than an auto store will carry.
      Even better try a ACE hardware or a true value, or even a mom and pop type of hardware store. The employees there will most likely know exactly what you need.

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        #4 also has an incredible selection of stuff.
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          I ran the rubber hose when I put the trans cooler on my aunt's 90 Grand Marquis. For the one side, I scavenged part of the tranny cooler line from her junked 91 Grand Marquis. I slipped the rubber hose over the flare in the line from the trans so if I ever have to remove the cooler, I can simply screw the factory line back into the radiator.



            Damn, and I paid whole $12 for a connectors kit from Hayden that screws in both the radiator and the tranny line qwik-connect fitting, while I could have used only a $2 radiator fitting and do TommyN's trick... I'm such an idiot!


              Thanks Fellas,
              McMaster said they couldn't help me (strange, with the inventory they have??)

              I found a site called Smith Fasteners, and they seem to have what i need to connect my 5/16" tubing to the cooler's 1/2 NPT inlets. I'm waiting for a price from them.

              Thanks again, you guys were a helluva lot more helpful than!!